Using Yahoo! as a Billboard for your Product

Late last month, I had the honor of presenting at the first Big (D)esign Conference in Dallas. Organized by the Dallas/Ft. Worth Usability Professionals' Association, Refresh Dallas, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth Interaction Design Association, the conference assembled 500 regional (and national) user experience professionals at Southern Methodist University.

There were several concurrent tracks running all day along User Experience, Social Media, Strategy and Code Development themes. I spoke about Yahoo!'s Application and Updates platforms, highlighting all the avenues available to third-party developers, designers, and publishers for reach into Yahoo!'s large, diverse user base.

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Attendees got to see the results of Yahoo!'s investment in our open platform, particularly as it is relevant to third-party developers, designers, and publishers.

As a side note, while there in Dallas, I also got the opportunity to meet several of the folks working out of CoHabitat, an urban technology co-working environment encased in a beautiful 100-plus-year-old house. The folks there were incredibly hospitable, and highly energized about the products they were building (as well as the technology space in general). If you're ever in Dallas's old uptown area, swing over and check out one of the public developer-oriented events they offer.

Micah Laaker
Director, User Experience