Upcoming Hack Days: SF Music and NY Techcrunch Disrupt

I'm helping to coordinate and organize a few exciting Hack Day events over the next few weeks. At these events, folks from YDN will be on-hand and eager to help you integrate with Yahoo! APIs.

Here are more details about two upcoming events, should you be interested in participating. I look forward to seeing what you make. Come meet us in person!

San Francisco Music Hack Day

When: May 15-16
Where: Automattic Lounge, Pier 38, San Francisco, California
Sign-up Required: Additional Sign-up Details

About the event: San Francisco Music Hack Day is the latest in a successful series of events hosted all around the world. It brings some of the smartest and most inspiring people in music creation, analysis, and discovery together with the developer platforms from leading companies, including SoundCloud, The Echo Nest, Last.fm, and Songkick.

The goal is to explore and build the next generation of music applications. It's a full weekend of hacking in which participants will create and present their projects. Music, software, hardware, art, and the Web: Anything goes as long as it's music related. You can get a taste of the event from YDN's write-up of last year's Boston Music Hack Day 2009.

New York Techcrunch Disrupt Hack Day

When: May 22-23
Where: 570 Washington Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY
Sign-up Required: Additional Sign-up Details

About the event: Techcrunch is hosting a 12-hour hackathon that's open to software and hardware hackers. Anyone who presents their hack will get a free ticket to the Disrupt event, which starts the following day (normally a $2,995 ticket). Select winners will be featured on stage during the Disrupt conference.

Daniel Raffel
Daniel Raffel
Senior Product Manager, Y!OS