UC Berkeley Hack U™ Recap

The UC Berkeley Hack U™ events keep getting better each year! And again, the Computer Science Undergraduate Association (CSUA) did an awesome job of coordinating the event.

The recent Hack U™ had somewhere close to 200 people starting out, easily filling the workspace and requiring students to find other work areas. The energy was high and the creativity running. Hundreds of pounds of food was consumed, and students were still hungry!

Thirty-three hacks were demonstrated to the panel of judges. The quality of work was so impressive that the judges also created several honorable mention awards.
The winning hack was by the team with Rohan Varma and Samvit Ramadurgam. Their hack centered around a face recognition algorithm that employed a combination of machine learning techniques as well as some nifty image filtering. The hack reduced the problem to pattern matching as it matched faces to an existing data set of reasonable size with surprising levels of accuracy.

From winner Rohan, “The field of face and pattern recognition is one that has always intrigued us and one that we are passionate about. While we have made a great start, we feel that there still is a lot more that can be done as far as improving our algorithm and hack goes. As a result , we plan to work more on our hack in the near future and see where it takes us. The entire experience was very fulfilling and we are thankful to Yahoo! for giving us the opportunity to showcase our skills and creativity."

The Yahoo! Hack U™ team would like to thank all of the organizers and hackers at Berkeley for being wonderful hosts. To learn more about Hack U™ please visit the website.