TXJS: Smokin’ hot JavaScript

Last weekend was the TXJS (Texas JavaScript) community conference in Austin, TX. A very vibrant community it is too.

The conference had a great line-up of speakers with amazing topics, on everything from testing JavaScript (including mobile testing) to some eye-watering presentations about mobile (NSFW) to Douglas Crockford on the JSON saga.

Brian LeRoux from Nitobi kindly filmed my talk, about server-side JavaScript, for your enjoyment.

Editor's Note Warning: The language in the first few minutes of this video is, how shall we put it, very informal and slightly off-color. And next time we'll be nicer to Brian and invest in a camera stabilizer.

I look forward to next year, and presenting again with beer in hand.

Tom Hughes-Croucher
Tom Hughes-Croucher (@sh1mmer)
Yahoo! Technology Evangelist