Twitter Spellcheck with Yahoo Spelling Suggestion API

Since all the kool kids are twittering these days, this little app might be of interest:

Here's a small Lily program that lets you check the spelling of a word from your cellphone--it uses the Twitter API to send and receive messages from the cellphone and the Yahoo Suggested Spelling web service to look up the spelling. To use it you'll need two Twitter accounts- one for Lily and one for yourself. You'll also need to enable your cellphone in the Twitter account settings. In the patch you'll need to add your Twitter user/pass as an argument to the twitter object.

If you've ever read quick email or blog posts from me, you can probably appreciate how much a good spellcheck has improved my life--when I remember to use it. :-)

Oh, if you happen to be at Web 2.0 Expo this week, say "hi" to the YDN team members you see there (or other Yahoos, for that matter). There will be more than a few of us floating around.

Jeremy Zawodny (Jeremy Zawodny on Twitter)
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