Tracking the popularity of Yahoo!’s OpenID Service across the Web

Editor’s Note: This is a Guest Post blog post from Brian Kissel. Brian is the CEO of JanRain, which offers a user management platform to help organizations succeed on the social web. A key component of the platform is RPX, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that makes it easy for users to login with their existing Yahoo! Account or other network identity provider, as well as publish their activities back to Yahoo! and other social networks.

Yahoo!’s OpenID/OAuth Hybrid protocols and social APIs have helped extend the Yahoo! brand across the social web and enable authentication on third-party websites via a user’s existing Yahoo! identity. By integrating these robust Yahoo! APIs into JanRain’s RPX solution, we are seeing firsthand how our customers benefit by allowing visitors to login using an existing Yahoo! identity.

RPX is deployed on over 170,000 sites today. We took a look at a few sites in different verticals and geographies to get a snapshot of differences in user login preferences. A popular community website in the US shows a pretty even split between Yahoo and Facebook:

Community website login

But, on a large dating website in the U.S, we see Yahoo! as the most preferred provider for sign-in:

Dating website login

Yahoo’s expansion of its APIs to allow Yahoo! users to share their profile, photo, and other demographic information with websites has contributed to the popularity of Yahoo! for third-party authentication. Members of dating websites are prompted to complete their site profiles upon registration, and Yahoo! users understand the value of importing their profile data and photos to the site in order to expedite the sign-up process.

A snapshot of user sign-in preferences on an e-commerce website in Asia shows a strong preference for Yahoo! as well:

Asian website login

Using RPX, websites can quickly start accepting third-party authentication and make it easy for users to publish activity data back to the social networks.

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