TMNT in 3D, and more

Every Thursday is Tech Thursday where we share a random assortment of technical links we found and liked.

A case study on building of the new Financial Times web app, it is full of useful tips and tricks one can use on their own project.

Stylify Me is a neat tool to quickly gain an overview of the style guide of a site, including colours, fonts, sizing and spacing (without browser web inspecting).

With its advanced tools and high-end plugins, Autodesk Maya is the go-to package for serious 3D animators. Here are 35 awesome projects to try to demystify its core features and improve your skills.

Being a front-end web developer in 2013 means you’re going to have to do a lot of testing on a lot of different devices. @AtlantaJones gives a head-to-head comparison of Adobe Edge Inspect vs Ghostlab.

A look at just what agile is, why it might be good for designers, and how to adapt it accordingly.

munch.js is a utility that rewrites classes and ids in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files in order to save precious bytes and obfuscate your code.

Web designer John Galantini creates a CSS tube map to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the London Underground this year. simplifies your responsive design workflow by helping you quickly find the screen specifications of the most popular devices and monitors currently on the market.

A tutorial on how to mimic the animation in Apple's product navigation that is full of small innovative details and fancy CSS3 transitions.

If you only click on one CSS related link today, let it be cubed mutant ninja turtles in CSS.

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