Tjena! YDN at the Scandinavian Web Developer Conference

The Scandinavian Web Developer Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, attracted around one hundred developers from all over Scandinavia, and Northern and Eastern Europe. The conference was split up in two days covering Front-End and Back-End Web and Mobile Web development respectively.

SWDC2010 by  you.

In light of the conference focus, the hot topics covered by the 22 speakers included HTML5, server-side JavaScript, location-based services, and mobile development frameworks.

The single-track conference in a cinema — in the center of the surprisingly very warm and sunny Swedish capital — had a slightly different format than similar conferences. Talks were 30 minutes long, with 10 minutes for Q&A, and long pauses between every two talks. So the audience had a chance to absorb a lot of information and to network without being overloaded.

Yahoo! Developer Network sent two speakers to the conference: Christian Heilmann (me) and Tom Hughes-Croucher. I concluded day one with a "fire and brimstone" talk urging developers to concentrate on using Web technologies to build systems that work for everybody, and to help make new technologies reliable and useful instead of building shiny, bleeding-edge proof of concepts. The slides are available on SlideShare:

The audio recording of the talk is also available:

On the second day, in "Mobile Data: How to avoid the latency trap," Tom Hughes-Croucher explained a few facts about applications and internet performance, and how these apply to mobile development. He also explained the benefits of using YQL for working around some of these issues.

There were many very interesting talks, and it is worth your while to check for the SWDC or SWDC2010 tag on SlideShare and the Web over the next few days.

A few personal highlights were

  • Mark Wubben on "Building Browser extensions with Chrome"
  • Rik Arends on "Developing Applications in the Cloud" (CloudIDE)
  • Daniel Glazman on "Browser War 2010"
  • Malte Ubl on "Getting started with Node.js"
  • Both Robert Nyman and Michael Mahenoff on HTML5
  • Nicolai Onken on "Human APIs, expanding the (mobile) web to the real world"
  • Tom Blackmore on "Handling spatial data on the web"

All in all, the SWDC was a very nicely paced conference with a good mix of topics that covered the differences and similarities of building applications for the Web and the mobile market. The location, the great weather, and the ample catering in terms of food and beverages made it an enjoyable two days. It will be fun to come back to Scandinavia for more.

Christian Heilmann
Christian Heilmann (@codepo8)
Yahoo! Senior Developer Evangelist