Three words, fun fact-sharing, HTML5 awesomeness, database mistakes, and daily blogging is a simple app that lets you solicit three-word responses from your friends around the web.

Share something that makes you smile. WordPress challenges bloggers to post once a day or once a week in 2011.

Facto!, a fun way to share little-known facts about yourself. Read the blog post from the developer on going from concept to launch in 24 hours and why there’s no reason you can’t do this too.

HTML5 comes with a set of really awesome APIs. If you combine these APIs with the element, you could create a super/modern/awesome Image Uploader. This article shows you how.

Drupal 7.0 has been released to the wild.

A good read case-study and behind the scenes article covering the redesign.

A nifty site that allows you to preview text with the fonts installed on your computer.

A discussion thread of database development mistakes made by application developers.

iPad simulator created with JS/CSS3.

Part 1 in a 3-part tutorial on How to Create Your Own Twitter Widget in PHP.

A cool HTML5 video player comparison chart.

List of HTML5 canvas demos and applications to make you say WOW.

selectivizr is a JavaScript utility that emulates CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer 6-8.

List of 32 JavaScript alternatives with pure CSS.

HTML version of Learn Rails by Example, a Ruby on Rails tutorial.

2010: The Year in Web Standards, a fabulous must-read 2010 Web standards summary by Zeldman.

Learn how to keep your page layouts clean from debugging mess using the browser’s console API.

How Twitter Uses NoSQL .