How to Temporarily Disable CSS for Testing

This post originally appeared on the Yahoo! Accessibility blog.

accessibility-205x85There are times you would like to disable the CSS on a web page. For instance, you may want to confirm the reading order of content. The following tips will help you disable CSS in various browsers.

Firefox (Win and Mac)

  • Via the menu toolbar, choose: "View" > "Page Style" > "No Style"
  • Via the Web Developer Toolbar, choose: "CSS" > "Disable Styles" > "All
  • If the Web Dev Toolbar is installed, people can use this keyboard shortcuts:
    • Command + Shift + S (Mac)
    • Control + Shift + S (Win)

Safari (Mac)

  • Via the menu toolbar, choose "Develop" > "Disable Styles"

Opera (Win)

  • Via the menu, choose "Page" > "Style" > "User Mode"

Chrome (Win)

  • Via the gear icon, choose the "CSS" tab > "Disable All Styles"

Internet Explorer 8

  • Via the menu toolbar, choose "View" > "Style" > "No Style"

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 6

  • Via the Web Accessibility Toolbar, choose "CSS" > "Disable CSS"