Our templates are changing: YDN site and blog updates


I'm mich. I do some of the web dev work for this website. As you've no doubt noticed, YDN has been updating things recently. It's taken a little while to get it out to all Yahoo! Developer Network pages (we're probably about 90-something % complete), but we're getting there. This week we finished migrating the blogs to the new design. Hopefully you already know that we currently host three blogs here on developer.yahoo.net: the YDN Blog (which you are currently reading), YDN Theater for video, and the Hadoop Blog.

Everything should pretty much be the same, but you will notice that I created new MyBlogLog communities for YDN Theater and the Hadoop Blog. Previously, these were combined with the YDN Blog community. Now each blog has its own distinct community of people sharing an interest in that particular blog.

You've probably noticed that the new YDN design uses a lot of YUI. I've been a big fan of YUI's JavaScript libraries for quite a while - even before joining the YDN team. When working on the new site, we've found YUI to be very useful, time-saving, and easy to use.

I estimate that I migrated about 700 pages, and I admit I haven't had the time to go back and check each one yet. There may be a few rough edges, and we're already tracking a few issues, but for the most part, the update was successful.

We'll continue to improve and expand YDN. For the blogs in particular, we have plans to improve performance and give blog authors better tools to make it easier for them to keep you up to date. Got feedback about the site? Please let us know what you think.

Have a good weekend and ttyl,

mich (rhymes with "bike")