Tech Thursday: Fridge interiors, infographics, InMaps, Rails apps, and (the) Oatmeal

Here are a some technology links we found this week that you might like:

* Ever wonder what the inside of your fridge looks like when the door is closed? @studiomds has created a 360-degree panoramic view and the light is even on. To see more, visit

* The iFrame cross-domain policy problem and an HTML5 solution.

* Visualize your LinkedIn network to understand the relationships between you and your connections.

* Tutorial on creating an MVC-based contacts application with PhoneGap and Sencha Touch.

* The history of social media infographic.

* The state of the web according to the Oatmeal. (Caveat: NSFW)

* Our very own @jhubert has made available a Rails plugin that makes it easy to perform A/B split testing.

* More unique ways to compare iOS & Android platforms.

* Humans.txt, like robots.txt, but for humans.

* Useful HTML5 & CSS3 toolbox for web developers.

* The evolution of a Python programmer.

* JavaScript ( (__ = !$ + $)[+$] + ({} + $)[_/_] +({} + $)[_/_] ) can you guess what it does?

* Learning from Twitter.

* CSS3 + HTML5 audio lightsaber.

* 10 principles for keeping your programming code clean.

Till next week then - keep it clean.