Tech Thursday: Basketball madness, Digg, Mobile Boilerplate, typeset generator, and very agile quadrocopters

Checking in from rainy Atlanta, Georgia:

- Need placeholder images in you HTML layouts? Use flickholdr to get image placeholders from Flickr.

- A method of handling iPad orientation in CSS.

- Use CSS Pivot to add CSS styles to any website and share your redesigns.

- Take a break from March Madness and play some HTML5 basketball and read about the game's design process.

- i2style, a CSS typeset style generator.

- The same team that brought you HTML5 Boilerplate is now bringing you Mobile Boilerplate.

- A video showing not one but two flying robots juggling a ball. And another one of quadrocopters playing tennis.

- A graphical look at the data that surrounds us.

- An informative read on how Digg is built.

- For your designer friends -- an overview of touchscreen tablets as effective design tools.

- Impress your friends tomorrow with the top 100 April Fools hoaxes of all time.