The SXSW Panel Picker: Vote for Us

South By Southwest 2011 is still more than six months away, but voting on the PanelPicker ends this Friday, August 27, at 11:59 CDT. SXSW is a community-driven event, which means the community gets a say in picking the content of next year's Interactive (March 11-15), Music (March 16-20), and Film (March 11-19) panel sessions. All you have to do is register to set up an account. You don't even need a ticket.

According to the chart on their website, votes from the community count for 30% of SXSW's programming decisions; staff opinion counts for 30% too; and input from the advisory board accounts for the remaining 40%. There's also an interesting "trending ideas" feature that shows what's hot in PanelPicker over the last 24 hours. I would love to learn more about how all this really works, but it's interesting even without the secret sauce--and a great tactic for drawing attention.

SXSW takes place in Austin, the geek heart of Texas, and the Interactive portion is a spring gathering of the web worker tribe. There are quite a few Yahoos who hope to present and would love your vote. Here's a quick rundown of the panel proposals from Yahoo! designers, developers, accessibility experts, prototypers, and product leaders:

Then there's one more. Uncommon Projects co-founder (they designed those ybikes!), friend, and Yahoo! Open Hack Day winner Tarikh Korula proposed a panel called Hacking Matters. (Disclaimer: He asked me to be on it. I hope you'll vote for us too.)

Shamelessly yours,
Havi Hoffman, Yahoo! Developer Network