Stunning astronomy photo exhibition powered by Flickr and YQL

Yesterday the Royal Observatory in London, England, opened this year's Astronomy photographer of the year exhibition, which has been largely possible by collecting photos and comments on a Astrophoto Flickr Group and by placing the photos in the sky using Astrometry.

The winning photos are an amazing example of what lenses can detect in the sky that the human eye cannot:

Blazing Bristlecone

Orion Deep Wide Field

The exhibition features huge prints of the photos but also an interactive way to see all the photos in geographical and astronomical context. The touchscreen interface is written in Flash and uses YQL to pull new photos every morning and place them on a celestial star map according to their astrometry machine tags:

(Sorry for the quality, shot on a mobile phone and after the drinks reception)

Astronomy photographer of the year exhibition

Astronomy photographer of the year exhibition

The code behind the tagging and placement on the map has been described by Jim O'Donnell in this blog post and was featured on the Flickr Code Blog and on this blog.

The free exhibition in the Royal Observatory on top of Greenwich Park is open daily from 10 to 5.