Stanford Hack Day: Simple Pleasures are the Best

The University Hack Day season concluded on November 9th, at Stanford. Here's your wrap-up, courtesy Rasmus Lerdorf, our man on the spot:

Simple ideas implemented well make for the finest hacks, and at Stanford we saw a couple of the best examples. Bring up Apache on an iPhone and use it to stream your music to any stereo with a PC attached. Or take thousands of Flickr photos and resize them to 1x1 thumbnails, and then check the color of each single remaining pixel and use it to build a mosaic based on a source image. Again, conceptually simple, but the visual effect is impressive when you build the mosaic with the larger versions of the images.

Here are your Stanford winners:

  • First place: Loren Yu and Mike Fischer, for Flickr Fuse
  • Second place: Joel Brandt, Jacob Leverich, and Marcello Basta-Forte, for Go2Pod
  • Third place: Nathan Sakunkoo, Patty Sakunkoo, and Phakorn Peerapong, for Friend Cluster
  • Honorable mention: Charis Charitis, for Music Searcher

Sorry we don't have any links for these, but as it turned out, all were machine-centric hacks that only ran on local servers.

Winners from each regional Hack Day will be invited to our next public Hack Day ... stay tuned to the University Hack Day page and for further details.

Kent Brewster