Southeast Asia Open Hack Day – Part 2: The Winners

The Hack Winners

We had twenty one hacks presented to the judges at the event. After quite a long time for deliberation, the judges came to a consensus on the winners.

  • Honorable Mention: Team Yahuud with the Rendezvoo hack.
    The problem is that in many cases people have trouble setting up events with multiple people over multiple venues and times. This hack looked to provide an interface that would allow a coordinator to suggest multiple venues and times and then would allow participants to vote on one. This hack was not complete, but the judges loved the idea behind it. They won an honorable mention for a great idea and a wonderful PowerPoint presentation.
  • Honorable Mention: Team iTeam with the Mobile Health Surveillance hack.
    This hack attempted to let a user input the outbreaks or symptoms that they are experiencing and receive a diagnosis from other people using the program. This hack had a wonderful idea and we would love to see the outcome of a little bit more time to build out the core features.
  • Best Local Hack: Team TwitterMania with the TwitterMania hack.
    This was a hack that the judges felt would most appeal to the local market. Attaching twitter trending functionality with the ability to see tweets in a local area, this program showed the most popular topics / people on twitter and allowed you to use twitter in a local sense.
  • Best Mashup: Team Rizky Syazuli with the What's on Today hack.
    Allowing the ability to displayed twitter trends, movie showtime info and local news at the touch of a button, and then filter down to a single area, this hack won the best mashup. It used a multitude of Yahoo! feeds and services in a program that we all wanted to use.
  • Best Productivity Hack: Team Nazrul Kamaruddin with the OpenHackSEA Office Kami hack.
    One of the regional winners flown out for this event, the team built out a hack to display mobile office areas near you. Allowing the ability to see where hotspots are, this hack appeals to hackers and business people alike.
  • Best Social Hack: Team HappyBee with the PeopleBUZZ hack.
    Another regional winner flown out for the event, the team let you see all trending social media information on particular topics from twitter, youtube, etc. on a mobile device. It provided real-time information without the wait for search engines listing updates.
  • Best Overall Hack & Hacker's Choice: Team Ksetyadi with ChatPlus.
    Winning both the best overall hack and the hacker's choice awards, this team presented the opening hack of the event. Also a very good candidate for an accessibility hack, this team built out a project that can translate tweets to a preferred language, and brought in functionality of social locations through the use of Yahoo! Maps and Flickr.

The Highlights

After the presentations, the hacking started up with the sound of a giant gong.

It wouldn't be a Yahoo! Hack Day without some measure of drama. At this event, drama came in the form of the missing swag. Apparently, our t-shirts and prizes decided to take a nice vacation on the island of Batam while all of the hackers patiently waited. After a few direct flights out there, we had our boxes of goodies which arrived late on the first night. The hack event would not have been complete without the fuzzy yodeling dice.

The entertainment for the evening was a group called Jamaica Café, an a cappella group. They call themselves environmentally friendly as they use no instruments. The vocal range of this group was phenomenal.

Another great announcement from Jakarta: we had the youngest hacker in the history of hack days. Six-month old baby Hebba helped her parents hack away throughout the day.

Just like in all of our hack events, the first sleepers get their photos taken and posted up to Flickr.

The engagement at this event was quite high. About 250 attendees came for the event and we had about 100 hackers coding overnight.

To see more photos from the event, tagged photos can be found on flickr at