Sneak Peek at the Create Consumer Key API

In about a month we'll be launching a new feature on the Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN) called the Create Consumer Key API (CCK API). This blog post is a sneak peek-- describing what it is, who should use it, and how interested 3rd parties can start integrating with it early.

What is it?

Many developers who use Yahoo! Web services and APIs distribute applications that enable their users to tap into Yahoo! user data (with user permission). In these cases, both the developer and each of their end-users signs up for a distinct OAuth Consumer Key. The Consumer Key ensures that the right data, for the right user, is going to the right developer.

YDN aims to make it easier to broker out or sub-syndicate access to Yahoo! data, so we have been working on a programmatic way to trigger the creation of Consumer Keys.

The CCK API offers the following benefits to developers:

Streamlines the process of using your application: Your users do not separately request an OAuth Consumer Key from YDN.
One call: One form provides all the necessary information for a Consumer Key, such as access scopes and redirect URLs.
One-click authorization: Your users do not need to know about access scopes, and you have the option to automatically send the Consumer Key and Secret back to your application with no copy-and-paste necessary.

Who should use it?

Developers building applications they plan to distribute (and which require access to private Yahoo! user data) should consider integrating with the CCK API. Examples of distributed applications might include a JavaScript sharing widget that interacts with Yahoo! Contacts or a WordPress plugin that blasts new blog posts into Yahoo! Updates, etc.

Where to find more details

We'll be posting additional details on the YDN blog when we are closer to launch, including screenshots of the user flow, links to the API, and documentation for how to integrate with it.

In the meantime, if this sounds like something that interests you and you want to get started early, please send an email to with your name/role, a description of your product, and a URL we can check out. We'll be happy to share additional details so that you can start exploring and/or planning your integration early.

The Yahoo! Developer Network offers services that make it easy to build applications that make the web a more useful and interesting place for everyone. This API should made it even easier.