Smoked Turkey, killer editing with VLM, and NoSQL

Happy Thanksgiving! A nerdy set of links for those of you enjoying in the US and everywhere else. — Tom

  • I revisited Peteris Krummin's VLM plugins you should know about in my quest to 'grow up' from Textmate.
  • I've also been reading some great thoughts from Basho on how to architect document (nosql) databases with specific examples in Riak.
  • Rob from Mozilla expanded on the dangers of dead code elimination which lead to last week's suspect results for IE9 and Sunspider.
  • I've been keeping an eye on in anticipation of the new JavaScript engine in Firefox 4 overtaking Google's V8 engine from Chrome for performance. In wars over performance everyone wins.
  • Here in America, it's Thanksgiving today. While I'm not American (and I'm vegetarian), I have to admit that CloudKick's turkey smoking alerts are just really cool. If the temperature varies on their smoker, they get a text to let them know.