Shopping API Updated!

The Yahoo! Shopping APIs have been updated and they're easier to use than ever. The new Catalog Listing call now includes the content from both the old User Product Reviews and Catalog Specs calls. This reduces the number of web service calls you need to make to create a full shopping experience from five to three. The new Product Search web service now returns more robust search narrowing options and the new Catalog Listing now has the ability to query by UPC, ISBN, and brand & model or part number.

Product Search example:

Catalog Listing example:

Did I mention that all the new calls now return JSON (with callbacks!!!) and Serialized PHP as well as XML? Get those badges started!

Here's a quick summary of the new functionality:

Product Search:
Returns merchant ratings with merchant offers in product search results
Returns department & category for catalog products and offers in product search results
Returns UPC, ISBN, Model #, and Manufacturer Part # for catalog products
Additional output formats - XML, PHP, JSON

Catalog Listing:
Returns product specs, merchant offers, and user reviews in a single call to Catalog Listing API
Returns images for merchant offers when image not available in specs
Returns larger images for products where available
Returns detailed components of user review (value, quality, etc.)
Returns link to merchant review page in results
Side-by-side product comparison (up to 5 products)
Additional output formats - XML, PHP, JSON

Merchant Search:
Additional output formats - XML, PHP, JSON