Setting an Open App’s detail images in 8 easy steps

If you’re just getting started with the Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP), you should be aware that you’ll need to define a few parameters in the YAP dashboard before your app can be pushed live. Four of these required fields concern the images that represent the app in various contexts. This brief tutorial walks through the steps for defining these images and clarifies the requirements.

screenshot showing application icons

Screenshot showing icons. Image credit: YDN


  • An Open App. You can easily create one of these using the YAP dashboard
  • 4 images for your app (all dimensions in pixels):
    • Application Icon: 64 x 64 jpg, gif, or png. This is the image that appears in the top left of an app’s border on
    • Favicon: 16 x 16 jpg, gif, png, or ico. This image represents your app in event notifications
    • icon: 20 x 20 gif. This is the image that appears in the list of applications on the Yahoo! homepage (see screenshot above)
    • Screenshot: 300 x 250 jpg, gif, or png. This image is displayed when a user clicks Options—>About in the app border on
  • A publicly accessible server to host these images. Generally, you would put them on the same server that is hosting your app code, but you could put them anywhere online. Flickr is a good option.


  1. Open the YAP dashboard
  2. Click on your app’s entry under the My Projects heading
  3. Click the Details button in the navigation bar
  4. Enter the URLs for each of your app’s images under the Project Images heading. After entering an URL and tabbing/clicking to the next field, a preview image will appear under the URL input box if the image URL is valid.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the form. Note: if there are any required details left empty, e.g., Project Name, Description, Supported Languages, etc., the Save button will be deactivated.
  6. Click the Open Application button in the navigation bar
  7. Click the Update Live button to update the settings associated with your app, including the image URLs.
  8. View your app and confirm that the correct images are being used. Note: the Yahoo! homepage processes icons in batches, so changes may take 24 hours to appear.

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Erik Eldridge
Yahoo! Developer Network