New SearchMonkey Enhanced Result Template Deployed

In July, we bucket tested a new template design for Enhanced Result applications. Developers do not have to take any actions to use this new redesign; all Enhanced Result applications will upgrade automatically. Important: Infobar applications will be unaffected.

The original SearchMonkey post contains examples of both the old and the new SearchMonkey Enhanced Result templates. In this posting, we'll just show examples of the new design. First, an Enhanced Result for that displays a result with a full abstract:

New SearchMonkey Enhanced Result (Abstract)

The first design change you'll notice is that images appear to the right, rather than the left. Our user testing has shown that moving images to the right improves the usability of the overall result. As for links, they now appear in a horizontal row, rather than as a vertical column next to the image. Not only are the deep links are more discoverable when presented separately from the image, but moving the links into a horizontal row provides more space for the summary and key/value pairs.

Now let's take a look at another real-world example from CitySearch, this one displaying a result with key/value pairs:

Original SearchMonkey Enhanced Result (Key/Value Pair)

As in the example above, the image is shifted to the right. The key/value pairs have replaced the abstract, lying just below the deep links.

Careful observers will note that the key and value are now the same color — a minor change from the old template, where the keys were a lighter shade of grey. We found that keys were actually more discoverable when displayed in the same shade as the value.

The SearchMonkey team is confident improves performance, engagement, and discoverability across the board for users and developers. If you have feedback on the new templates, please let us know here, or leave us a comment in the SearchMonkey forum.

Evan Goer
Yahoo! SearchMonkey Team