Search Monkey Developer Evening in Munich, Germany

Today around 20 developers assembled in our Munich office to hear about SearchMonkey, get their questions answered and generally get a feel about what Yahoo is up to in the near future.

SearchMonkey developer event in Munich

The signs weren't good before we started the developer evening. Munich was brimming with people because of a massive football game and a conference which sent the hotel prices soaring.
There was a conference about affiliate marketing in nearby Austria, and a big web development conference in nearby Erlangen the next day. Yet all the developers that signed up for the event arrived with German punctuality and followed the presentation of Neil Crosby asking very interesting questions and getting their concerns answered.

Most questions revolved around the implementation of search monkeys, the issues of abuse and privacy and the promotion opportunities developers have once they successfully created their masterpiece.

The evening ended with us collecting feedback and getting requests for more events and information about other services like BOSS. Both the provided sandwiches and beverages where consumed before we moved the hard-core over to the nearby beer hall which was yet not crowded as the big beer festival is in two weeks time.

So cheers to the team on the ground in Munich, and to all who came around!

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network