Search for code on YDN using Krugle

You'll notice a nice new feature on the YDN web site here today: code search.

We are partnering with a really cool startup called Krugle to offer this. The press release says it all:

"The Yahoo! Developer Network can now take advantage of Krugle's code search engine and interface to allow developers working with Yahoo! APIs and data to find, save, and share code written in six languages: ActionScript, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Python, and Ruby."

Yes, this is the company that Robert Scoble was recently glowing about:

"I keep hearing about Krugle from developers. They tell me it rocks for looking up stuff. Need shopping cart code? Search for it on Krugle."

We agree. Wired also ran a piece on Krugle last year:

"Krugle indexes programming code and documentation from open-source repositories like SourceForge and includes corporate sites for programmers like the Sun Developer Network. The index will cover around 100 million pages of what company founder Ken Krugler terms the "technical web" -- high-quality technical pages for professional programmers."

We hope you like it, though we're sure there are things we could improve. For example, as of launch time, most of the Yahoo! documentation and code is still missing from the index. What else needs improvement? Please submit suggestions, comment here on the blog below, or check out the Krugle blog.

Matt McAlister