San Diego BarCamp 7

More than 200 people attended the 7th San Diego BarCamp last July 10-11 at Intuit's San Diego campus. Phelan Riessen, Dan Tentler, and the other members of the BarCamp SD crew did a great job organizing the event and helping everyone feel at home. To make things even better, we had beautiful weather all weekend and the World Cup final on Sunday.

The following photo shows BarCampers eating the Yahoo! Developer Network-sponsored lunch on a gorgeous Saturday.

BarCampers eating lunch on a beautiful Saturday
Photo credit: Bruce Mohler

This BarCamp featured an exceptionally broad range of talks, including:

  • "Redefining Human", a two-part series of talks (briefly) covering the origins of the human biology and techonology's influence on what it means to be human.
  • A two-part introduction to Git version control
  • An entertaining talk by the NerdKits guys describing how to make a feedback-controlled ping pong ball levitation thing
  • An introduction to composting
  • A crash course in how to brew beer
  • How to survive Defcon
  • How to repair drywall

Here's the sign-up wall from the first day:

the sign up wall from the first day
Photo credit: Dan Tentler

I presented an introduction to YQL and a 30-minute OAuth debugging session.

I was most impressed by the feeling that I could present a talk on anything I sincerely found interesting and I would have a supportive audience.

I would encourage everyone to go to at least one BarCamp, especially students who may be searching for a field of study, or jobseekers looking for an opportunity to meet people from a variety of industries in an informal setting. This was my third San Diego BarCamp, and I thought it was the best one yet.

If you'd like us to be aware of an event in your area, please contact us, either through the YDN contact form or via Twitter. We'd love to hear from you.