Reasons to be cheerful: being a web developer is awesome!

Life as a web developer can be depressing. Our technologies change constantly and lack that one thing we really want to use, our managers don't understand just exactly what we can do and whatever goes wrong on the page we get blamed for - even if it is a database error or some editor writing random things.

OK, but what if we just take all the "terrible things" as a given and work with them instead of dreading them? I promise you will find that you work better, with more creativity and you'll have much more success.

At the Fronteers Conference in Amsterdam a few weeks back I did exactly that. I analysed all the things that happen to us as web developers and came out with some interesting insights. Working for the web is absolutely awesome and if you compare what we do with other markets and company environments then there are a lot of reasons to be cheerful. Check out the video to see what I am talking about:

Chris Heilmann | Reasons to be cheerful | Fronteers 2010 from Fronteers on Vimeo.

The slides of the talk are also available on SlideShare.

See you on the internets - it is a magical place full of fun to be had!