The Real-Time Web… in Real Time

I'm happy to be returning to Denver to the Defrag conference again this year. It's an event I wouldn't miss, and a tribe of folks I really enjoying learning from and engaging with on behalf of Yahoo!.

One of the big themes here continues to be the conversational web -- the principle that communications of all kinds, in the web era, are two-way. Marketing is increasingly happening on services like Twitter, enterprise communication tools look more and more like social networks, and so forth. You can't talk at your partners/customers/friends; you can only talk with/listen to.

Another current and increasingly important theme on the web is the real-time web -- the idea that all of these conversations are happening in real time. And that if you're not watching the stream of what's happening, you're going to miss important opportunities. I know that will be a big topic at Defrag, along with the topic of which tools companies are using to participate and manage their participation in the real-time stream.

Here's a post I did two years ago at Defrag, on how it was changing the way I listen.

But this year, rather than doing traditional blog posts, or waiting until I get home to do a post-mortem, I'll go ahead and turn it over to the real-time web so you can follow along directly from the get-go.

Follow the live streams from Defrag via the widget below (powered by Widgetbox), the hashtag #defragcon, or the stream aggregated by eventvue.

Greg Cohn
Director, Strategy & Business Development
Yahoo! Open Strategy