Work in Progress @ Yahoo! Open Hack India 2012

The hack challenges for this year’s event are multi-device experiences, digital media and advertising, and digital communications. There is also a catch-all category called Surprise Us for those who like to take the road less traveled. Here's a snapshot from the floor:

Pesit gang

Foursquare for street food

Lots of websites index and rate restaurants, but no-one rates street food. Since street food has its own staunch following in India, four hackers from PESIT South Campus have decided to remedy that. Their hack, an as-yet unnamed Android app, will allow users to add their favorite street food carts to the application by locating it on a map (detection based on geo fencing), uploading a photo, adding pricing info, and finally, adding a rating and review of the service.
This application depends on crowd-sourcing content from users; a “foursquare for street food”, say the team. Since street food hawkers (vendors) often move around, there is an option to alert fellow street-food enthusiasts if a hawker has moved, with a date and time stamp (eg: 17.30 hrs - Hari Super Sandwiches is not at Jayanagar Second Block today).
This hack will be built using the Flickr API, Google Maps, mySQL, and Android. In the team: Prashant, Vaibhav, Madan and Vikram from PESIT South Campus.

LOL hacks

A super-smart TV

Team Lol Hacks is working on a next-gen Yahoo! TV - a “much smarter” smart TV that uses facial recognition to identify you, looks up your social graph and interests from your social networks and TV viewing history, and presents relevant personalized content and programming from TV and the Internet. The objective is to quickly connect you with what you want to watch, saving you from laborious browsing.

Their application will be built using YQL and the Yahoo! Connected TV ADK. Team Lol Hacks are Akshay M.S., Vinay S. Rao and Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu. Ramaprasanna is hugely interested in what he calls “v-next computing” – which includes AI, robotics, machine learning, speech and vision for machines. He’s a developer evangelist with Microsoft and is the inventor of Buddy Home – a robotic home using networked devices that can wake a user up, cook, clean, keep track of his or her diet, detect and photograph intruders, and assist with meetings.

hack veterans

Open Hack veterans

Kirthi Prakash and Madhurima Malla are Yahoo! Open hack veterans. They’ve attended four of the five Open Hacks in India. For Kirthi, it’s “the energy, the overnight hacking, the experience of discussing an idea with friends and free schwag” :) that draws him back. Madhurima adds, “It’s great to see all sorts of ideas. The demos are amazing, and I look forward to seeing what my fellow hackers have ‘imagined’ and built each year. That brings me back.”

The hacks being built at this table include:

  1. An idea that makes money from users wasting time! This is a game-based app with riddles, jigsaw puzzles, social games, etc., on particular products, to create brand recall (wherein lies the monetization opportunity.) This hack is being built with YUI, YQL, HTML 5 and JQuery.
  2. A hack that lets you choose the categories of ads you want to see. (Once you log into this service, you can set your ad preferences.) This is being built with HTML 5, YUI and Ruby on Rails.