By Popular Demand, We’re Keeping the Term Extraction Service

Last week, we announced the imminent shutdown of our Term Extraction Service on August 31. Since then, many of you have told us how important this service is to you. Because most developers access the Term Extraction Service through YQL and Pipes, some have asked whether these products are also in jeopardy. They are not! And, frankly, our timing was unfortunate because we announced this closure just after, well, you know.

OK, we heard you. You’ve made it clear to us that shutting down the Term Extraction Service would be a mistake. So, we’ve changed our plans. We're leaving the service up and running indefinitely.

Thanks for continuing to provide us with feedback across this and many other fronts. If you have any questions or concerns, as always, I encourage you to voice them on the Yahoo! Developer Network forums or via comments here on our blog.

As you can see, we’re listening.

Chris Yeh
Head of YDN