Pipes, YQL talk in MSRIT, India

On a bright Monday morning some weeks back, I gave a talk on Pipes, YQL, and web development to a group of students in MS Ramiah Institute of Technology.

After meeting the Head of the Computer Science Department and other senior professors, I was taken to the seminar hall. There were at least 100 people in the room. They were all students - undergraduates in the third and fourth years of their Engineering degree. I started off slightly skeptical about them being able to digest what I was going to feed them. But in the end I was happy with the outcome.

Harsha giving his talk
Photo credit: Santosh Prasad

First, I spoke to them about web development and how it is not yet fully supported in universities in India.

Then I spoke about Yahoo! Pipes. Most of them appreciated the beauty of Pipes and some of them had already started thinking of using Pipes in their projects. I did a quick demo; where the news about "Lok Sabha Elections 2009" was aggregated from various sources (news sites and search) and the data was consumed and displayed elsewhere.

I then took a look at YQL. That is when I realized the beauty of the YQL console - it is not only easy to write SQL-style queries, YQL also scores in being easy to demo and play around with.

I also touched upon writing open tables in YQL with a simple example using Twitter.

In the last part of the talk, I also looked at some other useful services from Yahoo! like BOSS and YUI and I showed some examples of sites built with these.

The Q & A was mainly on Pipes. There were also two people who came up later and asked if there was any location-based services from Yahoo! They were building a low cost GPS system and they were happy to find out about how Fire Eagle and GeoPlanet could help their cause.

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Photo credit: Santosh Prasad

The event was overall a success and the feedback that I got was more than satisfactory.

Harsha Vashisht
Technical Yahoo!, Bangalore