Picnik: Edit Photos on Yahoo! Mail

Editor's note: This is a guest post from Picnik, an online photo editing company. As part of the launch of new open applications for users of My Yahoo! and Yahoo! Mail, we asked all of the app developers to introduce themselves and talk about building their apps on Yahoo!'s open platforms.

Picnik_Yahoo_Icon.pngPicnik is an online photo editor that helps users deal with the challenge of time-consuming downloads and software installs. Because Picnik lives in the browser, users get fast, easy access to a powerful set of tools for editing, sharing, and printing images using any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) on any computer platform (PC, Mac, Linux).

Picnik has powerful photo editing tools, including basic one-click fixes and powerful, advanced tools, plus effects, touch-ups and vanity features, collages and professional-quality fonts, designer stickers, and shapes. Starting today, these feature are available to Yahoo! Mail users by clicking on the Picnik app.


Picnik already enables connection to Flickr, Facebook, and other third-party storage sites including Photobucket and Photobox. Now Picnik users can access all their photos and photo attachments without having to save and export them first -- right from their Yahoo! Mail. They will be able to use all of Picnik's photo-editing features to push any of their photos to third party sites, Twitter, and of course ? they can save to their desktops or share through email.

Picnik is working on new features to enhance the user experience within the app. We will continue to add new effects, fonts and stickers and editing effects as we discover cool new content and tricks for editing photos.

To check out this new app, sign up here.

Picnik App Team