Paid TV Widgets for Yahoo! Connected TV Store

The Yahoo! Connected TV Widget Developer Program is now offering developers the opportunity to create Paid TV Widgets to be featured in the Yahoo! Connected TV Store, when it launches in March 2011. After reviewing the program, you can download the latest WDK and get started.

Creating a Paid TV Widget is done through the existing WDK, so no new developer APIs are required. Paid TV Widget pricing will be set by developers for a one-time purchase between $0.99 and $99.00, and Yahoo! will handle payment processing for the Paid TV Widgets.

TV screen showing Yahoo! Connected TV Store menu of offerings and prices overlaid on screen displayYConnectedTV

The Paid TV Widget developer program is initially open to developers and publishers in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, France, Canada, and Australia. The program will be extended to developers in additional markets in the future.

Here are a few of the developers registered in the program:

  • Kadoo from MediaFly – upload your home movies, access them from your TV, and share privately with friends and family.
  • PlayJam – pay-to-play three of PlayJam’s games: Darts, Miami Pool, and the Japanese puzzle game, Puzdoku.
  • Virtual Nerd – download on TV over 1,000 video-based algebra and physics tutorials for students.
  • ScreenDreams – enhance your living décor with beautiful fireplaces, aquariums, fine art, and more.
  • Accedo Broadband – play premium versions of the popular poker game, Texas Hold ‘em, and the game that puts your music knowledge to the test, Music Madness.
  • MyCast Weather – check the weather in an easy to interpret format on your TV, with high definition radar and cloud imagery, real-time current conditions, and forecasts.