Ou la la! YDN developer evening and Paris Web in Paris, France

Impressions of Paris Web and the Yahoo Developer evening in Paris, France

Last week the European YDN team went to Paris, France to tell French developers about the Yahoo Application Platform and how to build their first applications.

Here are the slides of the introduction to developing Yahoo Open Applications:

You can also listen to the audio recording of the talk - 33MB MP3 (other audio options on archive.org)

As an example for an application that can run on the Yahoo homepage, we prepared TweetTrans - a search interface to Twitter that allows you to translate Tweets in foreign languages to your own. Here's a screencast of what TweetTrans does:

The source code of TweetTrans is available on GitHub both as a web application and a YML based Yahoo Open Application.

Paris Web, the annual web development and accessibility conference started the day after. Yahoo was present in the form of me giving a talk on basic web security which tied in pretty nicely with the information about Caja given at the previous night's developer evening.

The slides of the "Basic housekeeping" talk are also available on SlideShare:

All in all we had a great time in Paris again, and if you are francophone make sure to check the Paris Web site from time to time for other slide decks and videos. It is a very high-quality and at the same time pragmatic conference that leaves the attendees with a lot of things to bring back to their companies.

Christian Heilmann
Yahoo! Developer Network