OSCON Wrap-Up: Talks, People, Shirts, and YUI

Last week several members of the YDN team (myself included) spent some time up in Portland at the annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention.

I always enjoy attending OSCON (I've been to all of them--scary!), and this year was no exception. The talks I attended easily held my interest and the people, as always, were top-notch. Lots of good geek-out time was had by all.

Above: Avi Bryant of Smallthought, the folks behind dabble db, sporting one of our shirts. :-)

And giving out YDN t-shirts at the Yahoo! booth meant getting a chance to find out what people do and don't know about the APIs we offer. In fact, I made a point of quizzing booth visitors to see which Yahoo! APIs they knew of. Our Maps and Geocoding APIs were especially popular.

But I surprised people most often with YUI, our BSD Licensed User Interface library. Each time I'd describe some of the cool things you can do with it and someone would say, "that's great... but are you actually using it on Yahoo?"

"Of course we are!" I'd say.

Using the YUI blog it was easy to rattle off Ten Things Yahoo! Is Already Doing with the YUI Library. This isn't just some code we threw over the proverbial wall. It's actually running on Yahoo! and is even heavily documented. Take that, Matt! :-)

Jeremy Zawodny