Web Site Optimization: a Practical Perspective

Stoyan Stefanov just published an article entitled Web Site Optimization: 13 Simple Steps. People have commented that Yahoo!'s Performance Rules are geared towards large web sites (like Yahoo!). Stoyan's article approaches the best practices from a different angle.

This tutorial takes a practical, example-based approach to implementing those rules. It's targeted towards web developers with a small budget, who are most likely using shared hosting, and working under the various restrictions that come with such a setup.

He also brings up some points that aren't mentioned in Yahoo's best practices, such as:

  • increasing parallel downloads by splitting resources across multiple domains
  • hosting static resources on a domain that's free of cookies
  • configuring compression in different environments
  • code examples for preloading resources
  • tools for minifying CSS

A quick aside about Stoyan: Stoyan blogs on phpied.com and has co-authored several books including PHP Programming with PEAR and Building Online Communities with phpBB 2. Although he started this article awhile ago, when we saw his work on performance and optimization we asked Stoyan to join the Exceptional Performance team. Now he's a speedfreak with the rest of us! Watch for more news from Stoyan in the future.

Steve Souders