OpenSocial spec version 1.1 released

Yesterday the OpenSocial community announced the release of version 1.1 of the OpenSocial specification. OpenSocial is one of the foundation technologies that we use for our Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) for interacting with the social information of our users. It is also the main social container technology that is implemented by many other social containers, such as MySpace, Orkut, iGoogle, Jive, and many others.

In the implementation of this version, one of the most exciting features is a new API to enable gadgets (or applications) to communicate with each other through a pub/sub mechanism. What this means for application developers is the ability to remove real-time silos from applications and have them be able to convey a rich social experience to the users, by being able to play off of user interactions across multiple gadgets.

Here's more information on this release, from the 1.1.1 Inter-Gadget Communication section of the release notes:

Version 1.1 officially support an inter-gadget eventing system based upon the OpenAjax Hub. "The OpenAjax Hub is a set of standard JavaScript functionality defined by the OpenAjax Alliance that addresses key interoperability and security issues that arise when multiple Ajax libraries and/or components are used within the same web page." By incorporating this technology into OpenSocial, gadgets are now able to declare, as part of the module definition, events to which they are able to publish and subscribe. In addition, this specification has reserved several topic namespaces for use by OpenSocial. Please refer to the Inter-Gadget Eventing in the Core-Gadget specification for more information.

For full release notes please see the full notes.