Open Hackday Update: Hack submission started

With some 4 hours to go the submission of hacks has started and the first few proud hackers show me what they have done before having some food and collapsing on a bean bag to catch some sleep.

It seems that the YUI Rich Text Editor is a popular YUI widget to hack with and I've seen two nice implementations for smarter editors using ideas I've seen in messenger plugins beforehand.

Right now breakfast is being served, too and you see hackers munching sandwiches with one hand while typing with the other. I guess that is what sandwiches where invented for...

We also had some late arrivers and someone with four hours to spare asked me what he should hack. The answer to that of course is whatever you want, as long as you use one of our APIs.

I am also amazed by the amount of mashed-up technologies. Right now I tried to help some people who use greasemonkey, XUL and server side magic to do a collaborate browsing platform. Others showed Yahoo maps with a Canvas overlay to paint your way to work and get the time it'll need you to get there as a result. Oh well, good luck with all the traffic. I am really looking forward to the presentations and will try my best to live-blog them later on.

Chris Heilmann