The Open Hack train just keeps on moving!

Next stop Bucharest on May 14th-15th

Open Hack Europe is right around the corner and we're just brimming with excitement about it. If you've not registered yet, NOW would be a good time to do so - REGISTER RIGHT HERE. We're expecting developers and designers from over 10 countries to demonstrate their coding creativity in this wild-west-in-the-east style geek showdown.

Kids on Computers

Kids on Computers

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Kids on Computers at Yahoo! EU Open Hack in Bucharest. Kids on Computers is a non-profit that sources computer equipment and builds labs for underprivileged kids around the world. This is an incredibly worthy cause and we are honored to support it!

So, if you are coming to Bucharest, please bring along your old computer equipment to help build out a lab for some deserving Romanian children. Also, if you'd like to volunteer to help build this lab, please let us know at the event. We need volunteers to make it all happen. Together we can make a big difference.

We appreciate all donations of laptops, desktops, monitors, projectors, mice, keyboards, networking cables, and routers. Please ensure that the equipment is in good working order and less than 4 years old. Donations of laptops and desktops should have at least 512MB of RAM. Look for the Kids on Computers banner at the event.

Crockford On JavaScript — Poster by Allen Rabinovich

Douglas Crockford Double Bill

We are super happy to announce that Douglas Crockford will deliver not just one but TWO talks at the Open Hack. Check these out:

Server Sidedness

JavaScript has been extremely successful in the browser, and is now poised to take over the server. This talk will look at the Turn Computation Model, and show how it can be utilized on the server. This model is considered by some to be very difficult, but web developers have been using it effectively for years.

The JSON Saga

JSON has become the world's best loved data interchange format. This is the true story of its discovery and rise to power.

Enthusiast Sessions

At Open Hack we will be running Enthusiast Sessions in categories that hackers have told us that they are interested in. These will provide opportunities for hackers to meet others with common interests to exchange ideas, hear about interesting data sets, and meet subject matter experts to join their team or help with their hack.

We'll be running 4 sessions at different points within the venue early on Saturday afternoon. The objective of these sessions is to ensure that everyone has an idea and a team, and to introduce you to experts who can help you achieve your goals. There will be talks on data sources, hack ideas, and technologies, from experts and other hackers on some selected topics. We will also facilitate team formation through "Got Skills / Want Skills" boards in the vicinity of these sessions.

Civil Society Enthusiast Session

We're working with TechSoup Global and Rewired State to bring you an enthusiast thread that can help you come up with ideas that can improve society for the better. There will also be short talks and hack pitches from Liana Buzea from Let's do it, Romania and Madalina Mocan from the Rautiu Centre for Democracy. This is sure to be an interesting session that could lead to hacks that make a difference in the world beyond the event itself.

History Enthusiast Session

Following the success of the History Hack Day in London earlier in the year, one of the organizers, Matt Patterson, has kindly agreed to run a History Enthusiast session with Dan Pett from the British Museum. They will present some great history datasets and ideas, and help hackers interested in building history hacks with ideas and team formation.

Hardware Enthusiast Session

Viorel Spinu from RoboFun will lead a session on Hardware Hacks. Here you can learn about Arduino chips and embedded programming and get together with like-minded hackers to form ideas and teams together. Viorel will even bring spare hardware that you can borrow for your hack at no charge. As usual, you will have the opportunity to give lightning talks on relevant topics of interest or to pitch an idea to the group.

Kitchen Sink Enthusiast Session

This is a catch-all session where people with interests in various subject areas can meet, listen, and give lightning talks on any topic they like. Laurentiu Caramente of the Institute for Space Sciences and Dragos Muresan of ARCA Space will talk about Space datasets and look for hackers to help build some cool space hacks. Who could resist such an offer!? Nick Dima will be talking about Open Music datasets too. Anything goes in the kitchen sink, so please feel free to turn up and give a lightning talk on some cool datasets or hack ideas that you have, whatever the topic.

All work and no play...

Open Hack is not all about work. Sometimes you need to get away from your laptop for a bit to give your right brain a chance to pitch in some creative thoughts. We get that! So, we're going to make sure that you are well looked after for entertainment too. There will be a games room with XBOX and Wii running on large projector screens, we'll get some Foosball and Table Tennis tables, Giant Jenga, Connect 4, and lots more.

We've also been searching high and low for the geekiest entertainment possible for Saturday night. We think we've found it. However, I'm keeping this under my hat to ensure a big surprise on the day. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

That's it for today's Open Hack update. Expect more in the days to come! Don't forget to register if you want to come along and participate.