Open Hack India: Outstanding!

Yahoo! India News reports record-breaking registrations numbers for the Open Hack India conference and an extraordinary number of hackers at the overnight open hack event.

Open Hack Day, 2 a.m.
Photo credit: Christian Heilmann (@codepo8)

Official report to follow — we just wanted to get the award-winning hacks out to you as quickly as possible.

  • Birdie award goes to Chirpshire – A Twitter hack
  • Best Social Collaboration award goes to Communicator – APIs to include real-time communicator
  • Government award for Democracy Tools – Mashup of Election Commission and Yahoo! Web Services
  • Education award for Quizr – Real-time quiz application for use in classrooms
  • Yahoo! Hacker brings bunnies to Hack award for GitHub Badges – Track your GitHub quest with series of badges
  • Travel Hack award to Happy Feet – Tells you the popular landmarks of a city you visit
  • Green Hack award goes for Shop Green – To save use of paper
  • Burning Chrome award goes to Chromy YQLip – Extension for paid scrapping
  • Best in show award for FlickSubz – Closed captioning for videos on Twitter
  • Hackers’ Choice award goes to Nirvana – Your late night path back home

See the full list of hacks submitted.

Christian Heilmann also lists these award-winning hacks alongside his favorites in his blog post on the event.