Open Hack India delivers once again


Open Hack India 2012 is officially over and we're buzzing with excitement about the amazing 171 hacks that were submitted for judging. To manage this record-breaking number, the hacks were presented in seven concurrent prejudging rounds. The top 30 hacks from the prejudging round were presented on stage in front of the whole audience and all judges.

Without further ado, here are the winning hacks for your reading pleasure.

Grand Prize winner: Brock from team Brock


Yahoo! Open Hack veterans Amod Kumar Pandey and Nikhil Baliga finally struck gold when they won the Grand Prize. Their hack, Brock is like Yahoo! Pipes for mobile apps. Brock is a simple and intuitive tool that allows even non-developers to build very useful mini-apps for their Android devices with just a few clicks. You can build apps like Auto SMS responder for calls, WiFi controller, SMS scheduler, Auto-set phone to vibrations based on calendar meetings, location based app launcher and more. Brock is built on top of on{x} and completely insulates the end-users from the code by generating it. You can try Brock out here..

Beam OS by team Arkene

The Beam OS hack helps users to manage, organize and browse all their files spread across multiple cloud services from a single user-friendly desktop-like environment. The files whether stored on Dropbox, Boxnet, Microsoft Skydrive or Google Drive are all under BEAM! This hack brings all your favorite cloud services integrated and available right inside your browser as a web app. Its a cloud OS within the browser, developed as a chrome plugin.The team behind the hack includes Abhishek Shrivastava, Sumit Ranjan and Akash Chauhan. The three of them are all working professionals and college friends graduated from NIT Trichy. The hack made good use of YQL.

Yahoo! Connected TV, hacked! Voice calls and synced video. #openhackindia

Book Mafia by team BookWorms

BookMafia is a mobile app that enables easy circulation of books among geographically close people. Simply scan the barcodes on books that you want to share and it will be added to your library. Users can also search for books in other users libraries and see a map of the location of the books they want. Once you find a book you want, the application allows you to send a text message to the owner to coordinate an exchange.

Vibration Reduction for Improved Readability by team Shakey Inc.


A group of 4 former yahoos have done us proud again by coming to their fourth Open Hack India and by winning in the category of "Multi-Device Experience". They tried to solve the everyday problem of it being difficult to read text while traveling. They built a browser based hack to counter physical vibrations on Mobile devices to improve readability. They used HTML 5, WebgGL and the Accelerometer to build their hack in 24 hours. You can see their hack at Shakey Inc. and get more details in the Hack Trackr.

"I am bored" by team Null Pointers wins the hackers choice award

"I am 27, single and bored, and there's only so many movies I can watch", said Dhruva Krishnan from the I am bored team. So we created this I am Bored mobile app using HTML 5 Geolocation, YQL and Dapper to show us what interesting things are happening around us. Problem solved!

Pictrendz showcased trending photos from around the web in their winning hack. Pictendz was created by Rakesh Menon, Jamal Mohammed, Sumeet Chawla, and Lalit Chandnani on Team Nova.

PICTRENDZYahoo! Hack Trackr and photos from the event on Flickr.

On the whole there was a good take up of YUI, YQL, Mojito and the Content Analysis API in the hacks.

This was an awesome event as always. On behalf of YDN, a big congratulations to all off the winners, and thanks to all who participated! All of us at Yahoo! very much look forward to the next Open Hack. Stay tuned to this channel!