Open Hack India 4 – Our biggest one yet!

Open Hack India 2011Open Hack India 2011 - July 30-31Last weekend in Bangalore, Open Hack India smashed all records to become the biggest Open Hack Day ever. More than 650 hackers came in from all across India to hack their way to fame. The event was so popular that we could only accommodate around one third of 2100 hackers that applied to attend.

Saturday morning started with tech talks on the art of hacking, YQL, YUI, HTML 5, Node.js, BOSS and several other Yahoo! technologies, which led up to the hackathon. JavaScript guru Douglas Crockford, who had come down for the event, was a hacker magnet. Doug presented three talks - Server Sidedness, The JSON Saga and Programming Style & Your Brain. For many developers, hearing him talk was a dream come true.

Open Hack India 2011Open Hack India 2011

More than half of the 650 hackers worked all the way through the night to the finishing bell on Sunday afternoon. An amazing 111 hacks were produced, which meant that we had to devise a new judging process to evaluate them all in a timely manner. Judging happened in two phases. In the first phase, each judge evaluated around 18 hacks and scored them for inclusion in phase 2.

Based on the judges scores, 50 hacks were chosen to go into phase 2, which involved presenting the hacks to entire audience and panel of judges. The judges included Douglas Crockford, Shouvick Mukherjee - Head Yahoo! India R&D, Hari Vasudev – VP, Cloud Platform Group, Rajeev Rastogi - VP, Yahoo! Labs Bangalore, and venture capitalists, Ashwin Raghuraman of the India Innovation Fund and Rahul Chowdhri of Helion Ventures.

Picking a winner proved so tough that the panel finally decided on awarding not one, but two teams the grand prize - a trip to New York to participate in the Yahoo! Hack All Stars event in September. In New York they will compete against the winners of the other Yahoo! Open Hack events around the world, as well as the winners of the US HackU program.

The Winners

Grand Prize Winners:

  • Spotlight – Illuminate your part of the World by Sridhar Bommaiah

    This hyper-local web app surfaces the best content in your area. (For eg: Which are the best hangouts in your locality?) Users can submit and then bubble up the Top 3 ranks for items in any category, at a given location.

  • D.A.M.N. - Single Serving Friend by Niranjan B. Prithviraj and Rengarajan Venkatachari

    Connects people on demand to enable them to share meter fare in taxis / auto-rickshaws. This is done by finding out common routes that different people want to take at a given time.

Other Winners:

  • Most Fun hack – Fakemytrip by Kadam Jeet Jain, Rajesh Kumar and Ram Kumar

    If you can't make it fake it - Fake trips to favorite destinations and share photos on Facebook, twitter. Try it:

  • Best Social Hack - by Arun

    Tag Your Facebook Friends In Flickr Photos Problem.

  • Best Developer Tool – devsync by Ciju Cherian and Satish Bhat

    If you are tired of redoing the changes that you test in firebug or chrome devtools in your files, use devsync. It allows you to to edit css and javascript files in chrome devtools and save those changes instantly in your files with one click. Try it: Source Code

  • Best Entertainment hack – StoryBoard by Bharath C., Kirthi prakash R., Spoorthy A Raman and Vinay C.P

    It’s a visual story board for kids which enables them to read and experience the content augmented with images and videos. It helps enhance imagination and creativity among children and acts as a great e-learning tool.

  • Best Location aware hack – iCribber by Manish Kumar and Jayanth Saimani

    This hack enables people to "crib" about government related issues in their neighborhood using a mobile phone. Government representatives can then address these complaints online.

Location and mobile themes ruled the hackday. There were also a bunch of hardware hacks. YQL and YUI were the favorite Yahoo! technologies amongst the hackers. A complete list of hacks is available here.

Presentations - YQL, YUI, HTML5 and more

A big shout out to Yahoo!s - Doug, Anil Patel, Michael Smith and Stacy Milman for flying to India for the event. And a huge thanks to the speakers, tech crew and people who helped at the event. Not to forget the hack venue - Hotel Lalit Ashok. They served yummy Ras Malai.

A final big thanks and congratulations to all of the hackers. It was a privilege to meet and work with you all over the weekend. You made this event the success that it was and we at Yahoo! hope to see you all again next year!

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