Open Hack Day Winners

Here are the winning hacks from our first open Hack Day, described in the hackers' own words.

  • Best Overall: Blogging in Motion: wearable technology. Blog from your purse. - Diana Eng, Emily Albinski, Audrey Roy
  • Second Place: YBox: Turn TV into a simple, web configurable dashboard. - Josh Rooke-Ley, Tarikh Korula
  • Third Place: Search Hack with Dynamic Tagging: Semantic Search using Yahoo Search API for Seed Documents, Evan Hoff
  • Best Sharp OSA Hack: Print a Pretty Impromptu Poster, pick a Flickr tag and print impromptu posters on the colour photocopier. - Ben Metcalfe (with assistance from Tim Shattuck)
  • Best Social Commentary: Y! Space. It's like Yahoo! 360. But not for old people! - Winona Tong
  • Too Useful: Find users who are trying to drive traffic to their sites by artificially boosting popularity. - Jason Gurney
  • Best Schtick (and Worst Hack): Blabber. It's a talking head! Except it has the same voice as you! - Mo Kakwan
  • Best Messenger Hack: Lingo! Y!Messenger plugin to help put Yahoo! Services in Context. - Kristopher Tate, Matt Olson, Qingfeng Huang, Aiguo Fei
  • Best Messenger Hack, Second Place: Plaxo Yahoo Messenger Plugin. A plugin for Yahoo messenger that allows you to look up your friends' Plaxo contact information. - Trevor Gattis, Amber Haq
  • Best Messenger Hack, Third Place: Ask questions to Y! Answers from Messenger. Allows users to ask question by typing their request into a messenger secondary window. - Sharan, Vincent
  • Best Upcoming Hack: Gutentag. Describe yourself, then find people, events, and places that you'll love but would have never known about. - Josh Dewald, Mabel Liang, Taylor Dondich
  • Best Local/Maps Hack and Worst Kiss-Ass (for comments made to the moderator during the demo): Road-Trip Radio. Take a trip down the coast and know exactly when and where to turn that you never miss a moment of your favorite NPR or radio program (and don't have to buy a satellite radio)! - AJ Arora
  • Best Flickr Hack: The Color Field Camera. A 1950s snapshot camera with built-in LCD screen. Blends live video with flickr images that match the color of the object in the center of your view. - Bjoern Hartmann (presenting)
  • Best Mail Hack: Yahoo! Mail with Flickr Image Association. Use photographic association to easily recall and visualize email. - Dan Lindquist
  • Best Mail Hack, Second Place: Flickr Photo Postcard. Send a postcard of a Flickr photo to a friend's email. Just find a cool photo on Flickr, click the send postcard button, fill in the email and message, and click send! - Leah Culver, Tantek Celik
  • Best Mail Hack, Third Place: Something With Your E-Mail. Just a draft of turning microcontent from email to actionable goodness. - Christine Hodges

Full details are on the Hack Day blog; pictures are on Flickr; links are on Enjoy!

Kent Brewster, Yahoo! Developer Network