Open Hack Day India – Registration now open

The Open Hack Day returns to India! On the weekend of the 14th and 15th of February (yes, Valentine's) we booked the Taj Residency Hotel in Bangalore and are already setting up to repeat the success and fun of last year's event.

hackday india

Now all we need is hackers that are eager and ready to show us what they can build in 24 hours that makes us go "wow" using APIs, SDKs and data stored on the web and on Yahoo servers.

We've split the tickets into two categories, as some people told us last year they cannot stay for the hacking but would love to hear the tech talks. This is now an option, so even if you are too chicken not planning to come and hack, you are welcome to learn about the things we have to offer.

Registration for the even is handled with EventWax and this is the *only* official way to get a ticket. Don't email, don't RSVP on Facebook, just go to the Open Hack Day India 2009 registration page and claim your free ticket.

The agenda so far:

var hackDayAgenda = {
"8am":"Registration starts",
"9am-1pm":"Technology Presentations",
"1pm":"24 hour overnight hacking starts",
"7pm-10pm":"Special Valentines Entertainment" +
" for Hackers and 1 Guest (Details " +
"To Be Announced)"
"12pm":"Hackers Last Hour Call" +
" – Start registering your hack for Demos",
"1pm":"Hacking Ends – Lunch",
"2pm":"Hack Demos begin",
"6pm":"Judging & Awards",
"6pm":"Wrap-up & disperse"

See you there!

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network