Open Government and Yahoo! OpenID

Yahoo! is glad to support the President's Open Government initiative by participating in a pilot program to OpenID-enable many government websites. Websites accepting OpenID can streamline or even eliminate their registration flow by enabling users to sign-in using identities that they already have, without having to create yet another username and password. By accepting OpenID, government websites lower the barrier to participation, making it easier for citizens of the United States to communicate with their government online, resulting in a government that is more collaborative, open, and transparent.

As the largest single provider of OpenID accounts, Yahoo! is eager to pave the way for further OpenID adoption. This is why Yahoo! has led the effort to make OpenID easy to use and understand for non-technical consumers around the world. And by meeting the U.S. government standards for security and reliability, we believe OpenID will continue to be the most convenient and trustworthy open identity standard on the Web.

Open standards create a better Internet for everyone, and the U.S. government's adoption of OpenID is a huge endorsement of OpenID and a big step forward for open standards.

To find out more about OpenID and how you can eliminate your user registration flow, check out our Yahoo! OpenID site and the newly redesigned OpenID Foundation site.

There are newly released federal government resources to be found

Allen Tom (@atom)
Yahoo! Membership Architect