New Open Apps Launch on My Yahoo! & Yahoo! Mail

Today, we launched a collection of new apps for My Yahoo! and the new Yahoo! Mail built by third-party developers on Yahoo!'s open platforms. These apps reflect a wide range of user interests and were created to help people stay productive and get more done (while having fun) within two of Yahoo!'s most popular destinations.

Fourteen of these apps can be found in My Yahoo!, the Web's leading personalized homepage. Designed to help people manage and enjoy different aspects of their busy lives, the apps were built on the Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP). The Yahoo! Application Platform allows third-party developers to write applications that display on Yahoo! products. Applications consist of a small view, which users can add directly to their My Yahoo! pages. From the small view, a user can click to see a canvas view, which presents a larger, complete view of the application.

The canvas view supports the 0.8 version of the OpenSocial JavaScript APIs and uses Caja for JavaScript sanitization. Developers wrote application backends in a variety of languages. PHP and Java were the most popular choices. The canvas view also supports Flash; some of the applications make use of Flash in the canvas.

In contrast, the small view uses CSS, HTML, and YML (Yahoo! Markup Language) to define the content. YML extends HTML and allows developers to include dynamic content in the view. Yahoo! is working closely with the OpenSocial community to converge YML in with the OpenSocial Markup Language (OSML) efforts.

These apps can be found in the My Yahoo! Gallery, by clicking on the ?Open Apps? category. Just click on the app icons below to install them now and see for yourself:

My Medication Record by helps you keep a list of all your medications. You receive alerts about drug interactions, FDA warnings, or news. You can also see user ratings from

Today on by Forbes integrates the best content from with a daily dashboard that provides the latest business and financial news and analysis.

GasPrices by Gasbuddy helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area. View interactive historical gas charts and gas price temperature maps. Report gas prices in your area, earn points, and win prizes on

GreatSchools by helps you choose the right K-12 school for your child. Search for schools, save them to your list, and see updates from the GreatSchools Parent Community.

kaChing Stock Investing App by kaChing is a leading realistic trading environment?and one of the biggest investing communities on the Web. Using the kaChing app, you can manage a virtual portfolio, compete with friends, and follow some of the world?s smartest investors, their trades, and their ideas.

Hey Einstein by Livescience tests your knowledge with daily quizzes on topics like anatomy, paleontology, and psychology from Personal Finance by helps you stay on top of your finances with at-a-glance info on your spending, budgets, and investments, and sends useful alerts about your money. The app is powered by, a top-rated ? and free ? online personal finance service.

Green Lifestyle by Mokugift, an official partner of United Nations Environmental Programme, helps fight climate change while you grow your green knowledge and lifestyle. You can surprise your friends with Green Facts, and plant real trees with this app.

What?s Cookin? Food&Wine Pairing by MyRecipes & Snooth allows you to create a meal with over 30,000 recipes from your favorite magazines and cookbooks. Learn which wine pairs perfectly with your meal, and why, with expert wine pairings.

Simply Get Things Done! by Nozbe is a time and project management application that helps you get more done, organize events, and work on projects together with your friends and family.

Time Zone Planner by Time and Date Meeting Planner is a quick and easy scheduling tool that helps you reach people around the world at a time that suits everyone.

Books weRead by WeRead is a community for book lovers. Whether you love classics or popular fiction, Dickens or Dan Brown; this is the place for you. With weRead you can list and rate books, read and write reviews, and find out what friends are reading.

Flood-it by LabPixies is a social version of one of LabPixies' most popular games, in which the player must flood the board with one color within the allowed steps.

WordPress QuickPress by allows you to post to your blog and moderate your recent comments from My Yahoo!.

In addition, today we are also launching new apps developed for Yahoo! Mail that let people be more efficient and do more within their email. Here's a quick run-down of some of the new apps in Yahoo! Mail:

Edit Photos by Picnik allows you to crop, touch up, add effects, and more, to any of the photos you have in your Inbox or online.

PayPalby PayPal lets you request and send money to almost anyone around the world right from your Yahoo! Mail.

My Photos by Xoopit lets you organize and share all the photos in your inbox from within one view.

Share It by Zumo Drive allows you to send and share large attachments (up to 100MB) with your friends and family. You can share large files like videos, photos, and even entire folders.

PhotoBucket by is an online photosharing service which lets users upload, share, link, and find photos, videos, and graphics.

OtherInbox by OtherInbox is an email organization tool that helps keep you organized automatically and moves the email clogging your inbox out of the way until you?re ready to look at it.

Congratulations to all the developers launching apps today! We really enjoy the collaboration and thank you for the passion you bring.

Julie Choi, YDN Product Marketing
Dan Theurer, YDN Partner Integration