NodeJS + Cocktails: Scaling Yahoo! – an HTML5 Dev Conf talk

HTML 5 Dev Conf LogoThe HTML5 Developer Conference will be taking place in San Francisco on October 15 & 16. HTML5 Dev Conf is a large JavaScript and HTML5 developer conference, with a number of varying and expanding approaches, tools, best practices, and advice available for consumption.

Our very own Diego Ferreiro will be presenting a talk called NodeJS + Cocktails: Scaling Yahoo!. This talk will cover the rationale behind moving Yahoo!'s Web stack to NodeJS and the Cocktails platform. Diego will provide a performance analysis between PHP and NodeJS on Yahoo's infrastructure. He will also give suggestions on how developers can leverage the power of Cocktails to improve and automate all engineering processes at large scale including:

  • Writing apps for multiple devices using Mojito (MVC framework on top of NodeJS)
  • Continuous integration tools for docs, jslint, unit tests
  • How to package, share, test, and deploy your app in an efficient and automated way

Diego will be discussing many different open-sourced technologies in his talk that can be useful for anyone interested in building unique, high-performance Web products.

The conference is still open for registration until October 15, so register today if you're interested. For those who attend, let us know what you thought by commenting to this blog post or tweeting @ydn.