Namaste India – Open Hack Day Bangalore in full swing

We're currently sitting here in the main ballroom of the Taj Residency hotel in Bangalore, India, with an hour to go of the 24 hour hacking period. For the last 24 hours, around 150 hackers have had a go at the Yahoo APIs introduced to them in a few hours of tech talks beforehand.

So far the yield looks very promising: hacks revolving around BOSS and OpenMail seem to prevail, but there's also a large interest in geolocation services and mobile applications using BluePrint.

When we say open we really mean it - the whole program and all announcements of the hack day are available on a wiki, there are already lots of photos on Flickr and the Twitter world is a-buzz with tweets about the happenings.

As a speaker and hack helper, I am mostly impressed with the sophistication of some of the hack projects and the openness of the hackers to taking in new ideas and having a go at technologies they haven't worked with before. I've helped many a YUI "virgin" and one of the things that went down immensely well (which makes me very happy) is YQL as a way to filter information before thinking about the web interface.

We're now wrapping up the hacking and having lunch. The judges are ready to take the first look at what was created. I am one of the big group that slept only 3 hours, so we'll be back once we've had something to eat and joined the world of the living.

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network