It must be Jelly

Tomorrow, Friday, February 13, Yahoo!'s Buzz Marketing team lends its support to Jelly, a casual coworking initiative (movement?) created by energetic entrepreneur and master of collaboration Amit Gupta, for the second-ever JellyTalk event. This week, author, entrepreneur, and Silicon Valley sage Guy Kawasaki, the man who reinvented the word "evangelist" for the tech industry, will be the speaker at a still undisclosed San Francisco Jelly location!


What is this Jelly thing? A Jelly is a free, sometimes ad hoc co-working environment, where developers, designers, writers, code warriors, four-hour work-weekers (are there any left?), and all kinds of caffeinated creatives get together to work in a common space that fosters cross-pollination of ideas and practices, and interesting conversation. The concept behind JellyTalks: add a notable speaker, a comfy venue, stream a live webcast, provide live chat, and don't forget to tweet early and often.

The JellyTalks series launched last week with Vidoop's Chris Messina, representing the Open Web, and Facebook?s Dave Morin on the virtues of, you guessed it, Facebook Connect. They discussed the relative merits of OpenID and Facebook Connect and described how developers can implement new, sociable, distributed login models on their websites. Viewers joined in from other Jelly venues around the country.

Listen in this week as Guy Kawasaki shares practical tips for entrepreneurs from his latest book, Reality Check. The talk starts at 11:00 a.m. sharp (thanks Mulls!), Jelly Talks are free, and space at each Jelly location is first-come first-served. You're invited to participate--live or online. So, skip the peanut butter this Friday the 13th, and spread a little Jelly on your daily bread.

Havi Hoffman
Blog Editor
Yahoo! Developer Network