The New Multi-Lingual SDK

Managing the update of our Search Web Services SDK gave me the chance to appreciate some of the raw programming talent that exists both inside and outside of Yahoo!. Yahoo!'s own Premshree Pillai flexed his chops by quickly putting together new wrapper classes for both Ruby and Lua on short notice. Returning Yahoo! contributors Ryan Kennedy (Java) and Leif Hedstrom (Python) provided much-needed updates to their already popular contributions. Did I mention that our Flash developers rool? Yahoo!'s Caleb Haye has a particularly flashy Flash demo in the SDK while one of my fellow evangelists, Kent Brewster, offers a tasty bit of script tag hackery in his JavaScript sample.
Third party developers also came through with style. Martin Brown (C#/VB), Daniel Jones (C#/VB/Java), and Jeffrey Friedl (Perl), rounded out the offerings with strong contributions. Martin has updated his fine C# and VB.NET wrapper classes while Daniel Jones did the simpleSearch examples for C#/VB.NET and Java. Jeffrey has been maintaining his Perl wrapper in the CPAN archive for some time. All in all, an impressive bit of programming. Download it right here.