More YQL tables = more awesome!

We've just upgraded with a few improvements. We know that people have had a few issues with the reliability so we are happy to say that we've moved from its current hosting provider to dedicated servers in multiple Yahoo! data centers.

The YQL team pose with their YQL shirts on.

Most importantly we've improved the process which we use to process your contributions to Github. This makes it even easier for us to accept your contribution and roll it into the console and our environment file with key from the NYT, Amee and others (it's store:// in case you were wondering).

Thanks to all the tables you've been contributing we now have a massive 700+ tables available to use today with 600+ community contributed tables. We aren't satisfied with that though, we still want more tables. So if you contribute a new table that we add to the Github repository we'll send you one of these awesome YQL t-shirts. You'll be the envy of all your (geek) friends.

We have tables for getting your status from Twitter, for making a blog post on WordPress, for finding articles about President Obama on the NYT without signing up for a key. The list is huge, and the possibilities endless.

Don't forget we have docs for building tables yourself, and a guide to issuing a pull request to add your changes to the main repository.

select * from internet; just got even better.

Tom Hughes-Croucher (@sh1mmer)
select * from yahoo.geeks where job = "technology evangelist";